Hello Wiki Workshoppers!
Looking forward to learning about the wonders of the Wiki this afternoon.

About Me:

I'm a lecturer in Media, Communications and Journalism. My research interests centre on the visual representation of news events, so I look at how press photography makes meaning in print news discourse; how visual storytelling works in televisual news discourse; and how words and images combine to make meanings in their respective communicative contexts.

Why do I want to work with a Wiki?

Well, I was hoping to embrace the 'wiki spirit' as outlined by Ben Miller here. I'd like my students to 'add value' to the media and communications environment with work that is of 'publishable quality'. They have already worked with blogs quite successfully, so I want them to gain a better understanding of another network literacy.

What are my major concerns?

Well, can my wikispace handle 500 students all editing their contributions at the same time? Will the wiki be a valid/reliable/fair method for assessing their work?